New updates and improvements to Replug.

  1. Ever wondered, if you are able to navigate the audience on your links based on multiple scenarios? If so, Traffic Routing Rules will achieve this for you. πŸš€

    β˜… Another amazing and much-awaited feature is out now! Traffic Routing has been officially released by Replug. πŸ₯‡

    Traffic Routing Rules allow you to control what your audience sees when they click on your link based on various filters. Filters are as follows

    • Country
    • Device
    • Browser
    • Operating System
    • IP Address
    • Date
    • Day of the Week


    You can leverage the power of this feature by introducing multiple rules. Each rule will contain a single or multiple conditions.

    For example,

    If a visitor's country is Pakistan, the browser is Chrome, the device is Desktop/Laptop and Operating System is Windows, then navigate to

    Otherwise, if the IP Address is, Day of the week is Friday/Sunday and the Date is 2021-11-15 then navigate to the

    Otherwise, point to the default destination URL.

    Enjoy this exciting feature and share your valuable feedback with us. 🀝

  2. Deep links are a type of link that sends users directly to an app instead of a website or a store. They are used to send users straight to specific in-app locations, saving users the time and energy locating a particular page themselves – significantly improving the user experience and conversion rate.

    Replug has introduced Deep Links Feature. This will allow users to create deep links on up to 70 applications under Social Media, e-Commerce, Music, Video, and Productivity categories.

    A simple shortened link enabled with Deep Link, when opened via cell phone will result in opening the link inside the specific application. For instance, if a YouTube link is shortened and enabled with the Deep Link feature. When this link will be visited from a smartphone, it will open the desired live stream, video, or profile inside the YouTube application (if installed in the smartphone). If the application is not installed, the user will get the web preview of the destination URL.


    If the destination URL can be used as a Deep Link, we get the following indication as shown below πŸ‘‡


    If the destination URL can be not used as a Deep Link, we get the following indication as shown below πŸ‘‡


  3. The wait is over! We are back with A/B Testing Feature.

    Replug has added a new feature known as A/B Testing. Now you can leverage the power of link rotation (where one link can be redirected to multiple destinations). Now a single link can be redirected to different destination URLs based on the weightage added for each URL.

    Up your game with A/B Testing Feature and split your traffic upto 10 URLs.


  4. Improvements & Fixes


    πŸ“Œ Persistent Connection for Replug Extension

    Now the user will not be automatically logged out of the Replug extension. Logging in to the Replug web application will log in to the Replug extension. But logging out will not log out the Replug extension. This will provide a persistent connection in the Replug extension even if the Replug web application has been logged out.


    πŸ“Œ Customize Link Preview

    Your shortener campaign will also allow you to customize preview of your Replug link. Although the link will redirect you to the destination URL but the preview generated while sharing the link (specially posting on social media platforms) will be customized as per your customizations.


    πŸ› οΈ Fixes

    • Bulk Action for link activation and link disabling has been fixed.
    • Remove analytics of deleted link or bio-link.
    • If a user is not logged in and visits an internal link of Replug Web Application. This will redirect user to the log-in screen. Once logged in, user will get back to the same screen from where it was redirected to the login.
    • Bots/Crawler detection has been improved.
    • Transfer URL query parameters to Destination URL.

  5. Improvements & Fixes


    πŸ“Œ Revamped Analytics

    Detailed Analytics for links and bio-links have been improved.

    • Now they show default results to the mostly used filter that is Last 30 days.
    • Clicks performance and Conversions Performance has been fixed for showing no data.
    • Links will be soft deleted now. They will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

    πŸ“Œ Team member gets same domain as of its admin

    Now team members will also use the same domain for short links as of their admin based on admin's subscription. This will allow the team members of paying customers to use the domain instead of

    πŸ› οΈ Fixes

    • Bio links URL validation issue fixed
    • Custom Widget validation has been improved - One of the custom widget is required from the Javascript or the HTML
    • Open Graph tags for bio-links for a better link preview
    • In Bulk CSV upload, domain of the link will be assigned based on user's subscription. Campaigns without custom domain will be using replug's default domains. It will assign for trial users and for subscribed users.

  6. Dashboard Redesigned πŸŽ‰

    Now your Replug dashboard shows more intuitive data in minimal space. Following widgets have been redesigned.

    • Device OS
    • Browser
    • Country
    • Referrals

    It also provides the pagination and search in the widget.


    Transfer UTM Paramters to the Destination URL πŸŽ‰

    If you have added additional UTM parameters to the Replug shortened link, they can be appended in the destination URL if you have enabled the 'Transfer UTM Parameters to the Destination URL' option in Miscellaneous Settings page.

  7. Improvements & Fixes


    πŸ“ŒCustom Domain Change for Campaign

    If you are changing your custom domain settings for your campaign, you will be prompted with a confirmation message, your existing links will be changed to the newly configured domain.

    Screenshot 2021-08-30 at 3.41.18 PM

    πŸ“ŒBranding Options Merged into One.

    Previously, there were two branding options

    • For Replug Links
    • For Bio Links.

    To simplify it, we have merged them into one so that you can easily enable the branding for your branded CTAs and Bio-links under one option.

    Screenshot 2021-08-30 at 3.44.35 PM

    πŸ“ŒPaginations & Sorting Order

    We have added Paginations & Sorting order added for Retargeting Pixels, Custom Widgets, and UTM presets.

    πŸ› οΈ Fixes

    • Updated minimum character length of custom slug from 3 to 1.
    • URL validation added in different places for Replug.
    • Fixed update button disappearing while creating links through the "Create Quick Replug" option.
    • Fixed modal close without prompt while creating a Replug link through the "Create Quick Replug" option.
    • Brands and Campaigns issue fixed in the Reports section.
  8. After our major release, we have worked on several fixes and improvements, these includes:


    • User IP was added for convenience while excluding results from analytics in the Blacklist IP section.
    • Character limit increased to 100 for the Campaign Message headlineΒ 
    • Brand name, bio-link, custom widget, and URL character limits have been increased.
    • Custom widgets now support code color highlighting the syntax making it easier to understand the code.


    • Social Login issue fixed.
    • Links with the same slugs issue have been fixed. Moving forward, if the Slug is used, you will be prompted right away.
    • Bio-links analytics statistics and sorting fixed.
    • Fixed show "Made by Replug" for bio-links in Miscellaneous settings.

  9. It's been a while since we released any major feature in the Replug platform. This is because we were focusing on improving our existing features and their performance.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • All of our third-party integrations to collect leads through Replug CTAs have been updated to their latest version.
    • Bio-Link RSS feed block has been improved. Few RSS feeds were not generating any RSS links, we have fixed that.
    • Previously, some of the websites did not allow iFrame but they could be shortened through Replug. Now, with this new release, the process for checking websites which allow iFrame embed has been improved. If the website does not allow iFrame embed, you will be prompted accordingly.
    • Social Login (through Facebook & Twitter) have been improved.
    • Bulk CSV upload for links will show error at the time of links upload along with their description (e.g slug already used, iFrame embed error, etc.) You'll be able to make ammends and upload the CSV.
    • Replug product updates and roadmap have been moved to from
    • Replug Retargeting Pixels name must be unique moving forward.
    • Moving forward, you'll have to use a unique name for the Replug brand or campaign.
    • Added search & pagination option in Bio-links.
    • Added Archive/Active Bio-links.
    • Fixed QR code download issue.
    • Fixed slug duplicate for Replug Links & Bio-Links.
    • Fixed a custom domain issue where it was prompting custom domain already exists.

    Further, there are plenty of other bug fixes and performance improvements we have performed in this release.

  10. Now you can exclude Analytics from specific IP addresses, this is useful when you are running paid marketing campaigns and want to exclude your IP address from the analytics.

    To get started with this feature:

    • Head over to Settings.
    • Click on the Blacklist IPs and then Add IP Address.
    • After that add the IP address that you would like to exclude from the analytics.

    That's it. Your analytics will not be including results from these IP addresses anymore.

    Screenshot 2021-08-10 at 10.28.56 AM