New updates and improvements to Replug

  1. We are proud to announce that New Text Block πŸš€ feature has been added to Bio Links.

    Bio links use blocks as an extension of your landing web page. Now add text, title, and description to your profile with the Text Block will make your bio links more engaging.

    βœ… login to your Replug account and navigate to Bio links in the top menu.

    βœ… Click on the 'New Bio Link' button you will find the Text Block option.

    βœ… Selecting "Text" will open a new page where you can add text for your bio landing pages.

    βœ… You can also set different animations to make your landing page more attractive.

    βœ… When you are done, select "Save Block."

    βœ… Copy the link given and preview your Text Block in bio links.

    Start personalizing your bio links in a unique way with Text Block now! πŸ€—

  2. Replug has become even better. Here are some major fixes and improvements applied in this release.πŸ‹οΈ


    • The login page has been redesigned.
    • Registering on Replug is now protected by reCAPTCHA.
    • CTA forms validation and subscription layout have improved.
    • Click measurement and conversion tracking are improved.
    • While creating a duplicate of an existing campaign name has been updated.

    Bug FixesπŸ”§βš™οΈ

    • URL concatenation issue is resolved.
    • Link redirecting issues faced by trial users are fixed.
    • The Developer App feature issue not displaying in the header drop-down has been fixed.
    • Resend email verification issue while registering is resolved.
    • The card block scheduling issue in Bio links has been fixed.
    • iframe validation issue has been resolved.
  3. We are happy to announce the bulk import feature that will help you process and shorten your links in bulk.

    login to your Replug account and navigate to Replug links --> Bulk Import from the top menu. Here you can upload your URL CSV file and process your links for shortening.πŸ”—A file format template is also provided for your reference.

    Bulk Import Real-Time Processing

  4. The Bulk Import feature is structured to accommodate up to 100 URLs processing and shortening in real-time.
  5. You can also modify the duplicate and invalid slugs in real-time.
  6. Real-time-processing-Bulk-link

    Process Bulk Link in the Background πŸš€

    Save time by processing up to 50,000 links in the background while you are performing other tasks.🀩

    Here are the bulk actions that are allowed to be processed on these links.

    βœ… Assign new slugs in case of invalid slugs.

    βœ… Assign a new slug in case of a duplicate slug.

    βœ… Links with an iframe issue will be notified through an email in case of CTA or third-party campaigns.

  7. πŸš€ New Feature is out πŸ”₯

    New Feature

    Retargeting Pixels πŸš€

    The key to retargeting success is audience segmentation so the good news πŸ”₯ is now we are providing Tiktok pixels and all types of google pixels such as

    • Google Adwords
    • GA4
    • Universal Analytics
    • Google Tag Manager


    How to add pixels? Click Me

    πŸ› οΈ Improvements & Fixes

    • A single model will help you to add pixels in order to make a consistent user interface such as in Campaigns and Bio Links.
    • Reset to the previous slug if already exists while link creation.
    • Avoiding Slug duplication is improved.

  8. πŸš€ New Feature is out πŸ”₯

    New Feature

    Deep Link for Amazon Affiliate/Shorten Links πŸ”₯

    We have provided another option for Amazon Affiliate/Shorten Links in the deep links section to allow the user to create Amazon Affiliated links.


    πŸ› οΈ Improvements

    • Brands Creation: We have improved the brand creation process directly from the campaigns creation section.

  9. πŸš€ 2 New Features are Out!

    New Feature

    Remove Team Members πŸ”₯

    Now we have provided two options to the super admin/admin while removing the team members.

    • Data Migration/acquiring: In which the super admin/admin will be able to migrate all data of the team member to his/her own account such as brands, campaigns, links, RSS feeds, Bio links, tags, custom domain, retargeting pixels, custom widgets, and UTM tracking.
    • Delete Permanently: In which super admin/admin will be able to permanently delete all data of the team member such as brands, campaigns, links, RSS feeds, Bio links, tags, custom domain, retargeting pixels, custom widgets, and UTM tracking.


    Sharing UTMs To The Team Member πŸŽ‰

    Now super admin/admin will be able to share his own UTMs while creating or updating new team members. After that, a team member can use UTM's to make the effectiveness in online marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media πŸš€.


    πŸ› οΈ Improvements & Fixes

    • Click Limit Reached Job: When the click limit of a user is reached, they will get a notification of the click limit reached via email. All the CTAs (call to action) campaigns or simple shortens campaigns will be redirected to the redirection URL provided in the link while creating it. After that, we will no longer measure/calculate his/her click analytics.
    • CTA (call to action) campaign improved for Youtube videos.
    • Youtube share URL e.g ( now supported in Deep Links.
    • Developer End Points are improved now. Click me
    • In Bio Links now the user has the ability to change the colors of the social icons.
    • Users can view the videos in a full-screen mode such as (Youtube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo) in Shortened Links.
    • Custom Domain 404 redirection issue has been fixed.
    • Now the paid user can access their Shortened Link with both Replug Default Domains (,
  10. We are back with the most awaited feature, Zapier Integration. πŸš€

    β˜… Replug has followed its legacy of improving user experience with the active and continuous development of features. πŸ₯‡


    This time, Replug announces Zapier Integration. An integration that connects Replug users with more than 3000+ applications. Zapier allows easy automation for busy people. It allows you to move your information between applications.

    Replug adds the essence of link creation and updating with the help of Zapier's Zaps. Zaps allow you to automate the flow between Replug and other applications. πŸ˜‡

    🏹 Replug Triggers

    A trigger in the Zapier allows you to detect changes in the Replug Application. There are a couple of triggers that Replug allows.

    1. New Link is Created in the Replug
    2. New Campaign is Created in the Replug
    3. New Brand is Created in the Replug

    Triggers allow you to float this newly created data in subsequent applications.

    βœ… Replug Actions

    Action in the Zapier allows you to perform something based on the output of a trigger. Actions allowed by Replug are as followed.

    1. Create or Update a Replug Link
    2. Create a Campaign
    3. Create a Brand

    Actions help you in the creation or collection of data without any intervention.

    πŸ”₯ Enjoy Zapier Integration and automate your workflows. It's time to boost your link management. Popular apps of integration include Google Sheets, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, Slack, WordPress, Google Drive, Mailchimp, and many more.

    We look forward to your valuable feedback. 🀝

    Click Here to learn how to connect Zapier with your Replug account.

  11. Improvements & Fixes

    New Feature

    πŸš€ 2 New Features are Out!

    Customize Link's Call-To-Action Message

    Your link is organized to be part of a campaign. When a campaign has a Call-To-Action (CTA) type. It will apply that call-to-action to each and every link where this campaign is selected. What if you want to customize the message of that Call-To-Action (CTA)?

    Yes, it is possible. With our Customize Message block, you can update the headline and message of the call-to-action for that specific link. Isn't that great? That's how it looks like.

    MicrosoftTeams-image (2)

    3 Most Awaited Bio-Link Widgets

    We have added more widgets to the Bio-link section. Now you can enhance the aesthetics of your bio-link with audio, video, and card. It allows you to select the variable height for your audio and video block. You may set a scheduler for your block. It allows you to display the audio, video, or card within a scheduled time only. Up to 5 animations are there to be added on a card which gives it a catchy look. Try Now!

    Exciting New Features

    πŸ› οΈ Fixes

    • Brands listing and Campaigns listing have been improved based on page speed.
    • User Issue: The email verification process has been fixed.
    • Users are notified via email in case they hit their monthly click limit.
  12. πŸ› οΈ Fixes

    • Link Creation Process improved for speed and security.
    • The missing name after purchasing a package from Replug site has been fixed.
    • Character limit of Retargetting Pixel updated to 500.
    • Password Recovery and Email Verification fixed for logged-out users.
    • A/B Testing, Deep Links and Traffic Routing feature is now offered in Growth Plan.
    • In case of overflow on the user plan limit, the limit color changes to red.
    • Application speed improved.
    • The search filter is added to the campaign's dashboard.
    • The broken image in daily reports has been fixed.
    • Agreements validation added in Call-to-Actions with Form type.
    • Guest users of an admin are not allowed to view all pages of the application.

  13. Ever wondered, if you are able to navigate the audience on your links based on multiple scenarios? If so, Traffic Routing Rules will achieve this for you. πŸš€

    β˜… Another amazing and much-awaited feature is out now! Traffic Routing has been officially released by Replug. πŸ₯‡

    Traffic Routing Rules allow you to control what your audience sees when they click on your link based on various filters. Filters are as follows

    • Country
    • Device
    • Browser
    • Operating System
    • IP Address
    • Date
    • Day of the Week


    You can leverage the power of this feature by introducing multiple rules. Each rule will contain a single or multiple conditions.

    For example,

    If a visitor's country is Pakistan, the browser is Chrome, the device is Desktop/Laptop and Operating System is Windows, then navigate to

    Otherwise, if the IP Address is, Day of the week is Friday/Sunday and the Date is 2021-11-15 then navigate to the

    Otherwise, point to the default destination URL.

    Enjoy this exciting feature and share your valuable feedback with us. 🀝