New updates and improvements to Replug

  1. FirstPromoter Integration & Multiple Improvements🌟📣

    • Redesigned detailed analytics for a clearer and more insightful presentation.
    • Upgraded the dashboard to offer a detailed view of reports and analytics, providing a more comprehensive user experience.
    New Dashboard
    • Implemented live chat support directly on the website for real-time assistance.
    • Integrated FirstPromoter for seamless and efficient collaboration & added a new Refer & Earn section to the menu for easy access to the affiliate program, allowing affiliate marketers to earn 30% recurring commissions.
    Refer and Earn



  2. Multiple Fixes & Improvements 🌟📣

    • Resolved the issue of unintentional multiple link creation caused by accidental "Enter" key presses, ensuring a smoother process.
    Screenshot 2024-01-25 211324
    • Addressed and fixed failed jobs, enhancing the reliability and consistency of the RSS feed experience.
    • Rectified the Bio Links notification glitch during Bio Links creation for users approaching subscription limits.
    • Resolved the 500 Internal Server Error in Bulk Link Import, ensuring trouble-free link importing.
    • Empowered users to request whitelisting for domains marked as malicious on external services.


  3. Multiple Fixes & Improvements 🌟📣

    • Adding a custom domain flow is improved. Now, you can add a custom domain by CName.
    • SSL implementation has been improved, thus increasing the link redirection speed.
    • Aweber Integration has been updated from V1 to V2. Now, you can directly authorize and integrate through Aweber.
    • Exporting links to CSV in Bulk bug has been fixed and improved.
    • Also, Bulk link import CSV has been improved.
    • Multiple link creation bug in the "Replug links" section is fixed. Now, after completing the link creation process, multiple strikes will not result in creating multiple links.
    • RSS feed processing and RSS block job have been improved.
    • Email limits reached job has been improved.


  4. Multiple Bug Fixes & Improvements

    • Bridge CTA has been improved. The users will be immediately redirected to the destination URL upon submitting the CTA form or clicking the CTA button.
    • The "Misc. Settings" syncing issues are fixed for Super Admin, Admin, Collaborator, and Guest. Now the Super Admin and Admin can only make changes to "Misc. Settings".
    • Now users can take bulk actions while adding the team member, such as selecting and unselecting all the assets.
    • The billing flow for the upgrade plan is improved.
    • Error prompts and toasts for bio link “Links Block” is improved.
    • The bio link “limit reached” bug is fixed. Now users can edit the bio-link seamlessly if the limit is reached for the bio links.
    • The flow for cancellation of an add-on subscription is improved. Now users must delete the limits consumed before canceling the add-on subscription.




  5. Multiple Improvements & Fixes


    Billing Improvements

    • If the user cancels the subscription plan, the users can still use the tool till the cancellation effective date.
    • If the subscription plan is past due, the users won't be charged. They will be allowed to login and redirected to the billing section to update the card details. Once the card is charged, your account will be unlocked automatically.
    past due bill
    • If the user has cancelled the account subscription, the user can renew/upgrade the subscription plan.
    • If any additional add-ons are purchased, they are added as a modifier and will be charged on the next payment/billing date. Whereas, the base subscription plan will remain as it is.
    • Now users can edit add-on modifiers.
    • Additionally, users can also delete add-ons modifiers. If the limits are consumed, users are unable to delete addons modifiers. It is mandatory to remove consumed add-ons to delete the add-on subscription.
    Unable to delete modifiers if limits consumed

    Other fixes & improvements

    • Previously, Bridge Page CTA was not capturing email address. This issue has been fixed. Users can create any CTA campaign and connect third party email platforms, i.e. Mailchimp, with the form.
    • Previously, SSL was not getting applied to the custom domain. Now the bug is fixed and SSL is being applied seamlessly to the custom domains.
    • In the case of no verified custom domain connected, “Select Custom Domain” was shown in the campaign section without the option to connect a new one. Now an option appears to “Add New” custom domain.



  6. Rebrand with Replug’s White-Label Feature 🎉🆕🎉

    New Feature

    Replug introduces the white-label feature for its agency plan users. This game-changing feature allows agency users to rebrand Replug as their own URL shortener service. Expand your reach without the expense of creating a new product or features from scratch. Offer features such as branded links, bio links, traffic routing, link analytics and more with your own branding.

    How to setup Replug's white-label feature?


    Navigate to Replug settings and click on the white-label option. You need to fill the given fields settings to set up your white-label url shortener. The given field settings are:

    • General Settings
    • Domain Settings
    • Email Settings

    Note: Click here for a detailed white-label guide.

    Once you have filled the required fields then switch to white-label. To switch just click the your profile name or icon at the top right corner.


  7. Bug Fixes & Updates🛠️ March 2023


    This release is all about bug fixes with a few improvements.

    Bug Fixes 🔧⚙️

    • Tags were not showing using the Replug Chrome Extension, which is now fixed.
    • Bug is fixed for rertargeting campaigns. Previously, users were able to save Retaregeting campaigns without selecting the retargeting pixel, but now it's mandatory to select the retargeting pixel to save and run your retargeting campaign.
    • A/B testing throwing 500 internal server error has been fixed.
    • Bug fixed for TikTok Video links using the deep links feature will navigate you to the actual video link instead of navigating to the "For You" page.
    • Now, Replug branding is not overlapping with content while you create bio links.
    • White space at the bottom in Safari browsers is now fixed.
    • In the bio links section, the bug is fixed for the Link field not updating in the link block.
    • There was a billing error occurring in the recurring payments case, as a result the user's account was getting blocked, which has been fixed.
    • Conversion count bug in the analytic section is fixed.
    • In case of Zapier (Zaps), now the existing links are updated, when the information is updated, as previously it used to create new links.

    Improvements ✨

    • Character limit for retargeting scripts has been improved from 500 to 2000.
    • UIUX of the social blocks in the bio links is now improved. User now don't have to go back and forth to add social icons as they can add socail icons on the same page instead of going to the next page.
    • Now users have the option to remove images in the card block section of bio links.

    Here's a preview of it.

  8. Deep Links Improvements & Multiple Other Bug Fixes!


    Deep links feature additions

    Deep links feature has now the option to add "LinkedIn Feed Post" to your deep link URL.



    Deep links feature also introduces the option to add Youtube playlists.



    Bug fixes and updates

    • Error messages while creating a Quick Replug Link from the Dashboard are improved.
    • Summary page is enabled for all users as default to avoid iframe restrictions for shortening a URL.
    • Bugs in CSV Export Link Report via email are fixed.
    • Lastly, validation checks are improved while adding a custom domain.


  9. New Feature and Multiple Improvements

    New Feature

    Summary Page As A Fallback

    A new feature of "Summary Page As A Fallback" is now available within the CTA campaign category.

    Previously, there were iframe restrictions on certain URLs. Whereas, now a Summary Page will be shown as a fallback if the destination URL has an iframe issue.

    It means there are no iframe restrictions while shotening links within CTA campaigns.

    Navigate to miscellaneous settings and enable the toggle of "show summary page as a fallback if destination URL has iframe issue" option from the Replug App.

    Here is how it appears in the Replug app.


    Here's the preview of the "Summary Page" within the Replug app.



    Multiple Improvements

    • The invalid file formats will not be shown while selecting the Customize Favicon image.
    • Customers can request for Whitle listing the domains that are wrongly marked as malicious in other services like VirusTotal or URLVoid.
  10. Customize Favicon, Sorting Tags & Other Improvements


    Customize & Preview Favicon Images

    • Now you can add a customized favicon image URL to your Replug links.
    • Also, upload and preview your favicon images.

    Check the previews in the below images




    Other Multiple Improvements and Fixes

    • Sorting in alphabetical order is applied to tags. Now add tags to your Replug links, making your searching and sorting much easier.
    • "Powered by Replug" on branded messages and bio links are improved.
    • Link creation in the Bulk Links module is improved.