We are happy to announce the bulk import feature that will help you process and shorten your links in bulk.

login to your Replug account and navigate to Replug links --> Bulk Import from the top menu. Here you can upload your URL CSV file and process your links for shortening.🔗A file format template is also provided for your reference.

Bulk Import Real-Time Processing

  • The Bulk Import feature is structured to accommodate up to 100 URLs processing and shortening in real-time.
  • You can also modify the duplicate and invalid slugs in real-time.
  • Real-time-processing-Bulk-link

    Process Bulk Link in the Background 🚀

    Save time by processing up to 50,000 links in the background while you are performing other tasks.🤩

    Here are the bulk actions that are allowed to be processed on these links.

    ✅ Assign new slugs in case of invalid slugs.

    ✅ Assign a new slug in case of a duplicate slug.

    ✅ Links with an iframe issue will be notified through an email in case of CTA or third-party campaigns.