Improvements & Fixes


📌 Revamped Analytics

Detailed Analytics for links and bio-links have been improved.

  • Now they show default results to the mostly used filter that is Last 30 days.
  • Clicks performance and Conversions Performance has been fixed for showing no data.
  • Links will be soft deleted now. They will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

📌 Team member gets same domain as of its admin

Now team members will also use the same domain for short links as of their admin based on admin's subscription. This will allow the team members of paying customers to use the domain instead of

🛠️ Fixes

  • Bio links URL validation issue fixed
  • Custom Widget validation has been improved - One of the custom widget is required from the Javascript or the HTML
  • Open Graph tags for bio-links for a better link preview
  • In Bulk CSV upload, domain of the link will be assigned based on user's subscription. Campaigns without custom domain will be using replug's default domains. It will assign for trial users and for subscribed users.