Improvements & Fixes


📌 Persistent Connection for Replug Extension

Now the user will not be automatically logged out of the Replug extension. Logging in to the Replug web application will log in to the Replug extension. But logging out will not log out the Replug extension. This will provide a persistent connection in the Replug extension even if the Replug web application has been logged out.


📌 Customize Link Preview

Your shortener campaign will also allow you to customize preview of your Replug link. Although the link will redirect you to the destination URL but the preview generated while sharing the link (specially posting on social media platforms) will be customized as per your customizations.


🛠️ Fixes

  • Bulk Action for link activation and link disabling has been fixed.
  • Remove analytics of deleted link or bio-link.
  • If a user is not logged in and visits an internal link of Replug Web Application. This will redirect user to the log-in screen. Once logged in, user will get back to the same screen from where it was redirected to the login.
  • Bots/Crawler detection has been improved.
  • Transfer URL query parameters to Destination URL.