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New Feature

🚀 2 New Features are Out!

Customize Link's Call-To-Action Message

Your link is organized to be part of a campaign. When a campaign has a Call-To-Action (CTA) type. It will apply that call-to-action to each and every link where this campaign is selected. What if you want to customize the message of that Call-To-Action (CTA)?

Yes, it is possible. With our Customize Message block, you can update the headline and message of the call-to-action for that specific link. Isn't that great? That's how it looks like.

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3 Most Awaited Bio-Link Widgets

We have added more widgets to the Bio-link section. Now you can enhance the aesthetics of your bio-link with audio, video, and card. It allows you to select the variable height for your audio and video block. You may set a scheduler for your block. It allows you to display the audio, video, or card within a scheduled time only. Up to 5 animations are there to be added on a card which gives it a catchy look. Try Now!

Exciting New Features

🛠️ Fixes

  • Brands listing and Campaigns listing have been improved based on page speed.
  • User Issue: The email verification process has been fixed.
  • Users are notified via email in case they hit their monthly click limit.