New updates and improvements to Replug

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Multiple Improvements & Fixes


Billing Improvements

  • If the user cancels the subscription plan, the users can still use the tool till the cancellation effective date.
  • If the subscription plan is past due, the users won't be charged. They will be allowed to login and redirected to the billing section to update the card details. Once the card is charged, your account will be unlocked automatically.
past due bill
  • If the user has cancelled the account subscription, the user can renew/upgrade the subscription plan.
  • If any additional add-ons are purchased, they are added as a modifier and will be charged on the next payment/billing date. Whereas, the base subscription plan will remain as it is.
  • Now users can edit add-on modifiers.
  • Additionally, users can also delete add-ons modifiers. If the limits are consumed, users are unable to delete addons modifiers. It is mandatory to remove consumed add-ons to delete the add-on subscription.
Unable to delete modifiers if limits consumed

Other fixes & improvements

  • Previously, Bridge Page CTA was not capturing email address. This issue has been fixed. Users can create any CTA campaign and connect third party email platforms, i.e. Mailchimp, with the form.
  • Previously, SSL was not getting applied to the custom domain. Now the bug is fixed and SSL is being applied seamlessly to the custom domains.
  • In the case of no verified custom domain connected, “Select Custom Domain” was shown in the campaign section without the option to connect a new one. Now an option appears to “Add New” custom domain.