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New Feature and Multiple Improvements

New Feature

Summary Page As A Fallback

A new feature of "Summary Page As A Fallback" is now available within the CTA campaign category.

Previously, there were iframe restrictions on certain URLs. Whereas, now a Summary Page will be shown as a fallback if the destination URL has an iframe issue.

It means there are no iframe restrictions while shotening links within CTA campaigns.

Navigate to miscellaneous settings and enable the toggle of "show summary page as a fallback if destination URL has iframe issue" option from the Replug App.

Here is how it appears in the Replug app.


Here's the preview of the "Summary Page" within the Replug app.



Multiple Improvements

  • The invalid file formats will not be shown while selecting the Customize Favicon image.
  • Customers can request for Whitle listing the domains that are wrongly marked as malicious in other services like VirusTotal or URLVoid.