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No iFrame Limitations with Bridge Page Feature 🏋🏾‍♀️

New Feature
  • No more iFrame limitations/restrictions on shortening the URLs and placing the CTA's on the shortened URL. You can now collect leads or redirect users to any landing page using Bridge Page.🧑‍🚀
  • In case, users do not respond to the CTA they will be redirected to the shortened URL at the specified time set by the user while creating the campaign. 🎯

Steps to create bridge page

  • First users need to create the Bridge Page campaign.
  • Add the CTA button with the redirection link where users want to redirect their traffic.
  • Further, choose the duration for the Bridge Page to close i.e 1 to 5 seconds, and proceed to the shortened link.
  • After creating the campaign, the user needs to create a new shortened link to which bridge page will be applied.

Here's a preview of the bridge page