It's been a while since we released any major feature in the Replug platform. This is because we were focusing on improving our existing features and their performance.

Fixes & Improvements

  • All of our third-party integrations to collect leads through Replug CTAs have been updated to their latest version.
  • Bio-Link RSS feed block has been improved. Few RSS feeds were not generating any RSS links, we have fixed that.
  • Previously, some of the websites did not allow iFrame but they could be shortened through Replug. Now, with this new release, the process for checking websites which allow iFrame embed has been improved. If the website does not allow iFrame embed, you will be prompted accordingly.
  • Social Login (through Facebook & Twitter) have been improved.
  • Bulk CSV upload for links will show error at the time of links upload along with their description (e.g slug already used, iFrame embed error, etc.) You'll be able to make ammends and upload the CSV.
  • Replug product updates and roadmap have been moved to from
  • Replug Retargeting Pixels name must be unique moving forward.
  • Moving forward, you'll have to use a unique name for the Replug brand or campaign.
  • Added search & pagination option in Bio-links.
  • Added Archive/Active Bio-links.
  • Fixed QR code download issue.
  • Fixed slug duplicate for Replug Links & Bio-Links.
  • Fixed a custom domain issue where it was prompting custom domain already exists.

Further, there are plenty of other bug fixes and performance improvements we have performed in this release.