Ever wondered, if you are able to navigate the audience on your links based on multiple scenarios? If so, Traffic Routing Rules will achieve this for you. 🚀

★ Another amazing and much-awaited feature is out now! Traffic Routing has been officially released by Replug. 🥇

Traffic Routing Rules allow you to control what your audience sees when they click on your link based on various filters. Filters are as follows

  • Country
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • IP Address
  • Date
  • Day of the Week


You can leverage the power of this feature by introducing multiple rules. Each rule will contain a single or multiple conditions.

For example,

If a visitor's country is Pakistan, the browser is Chrome, the device is Desktop/Laptop and Operating System is Windows, then navigate to https://replug.io/special-offer/.

Otherwise, if the IP Address is, Day of the week is Friday/Sunday and the Date is 2021-11-15 then navigate to the https://contentstudio.io/.

Otherwise, point to the default destination URL.

Enjoy this exciting feature and share your valuable feedback with us. 🤝