We are back with the most awaited feature, Zapier Integration. 🚀

★ Replug has followed its legacy of improving user experience with the active and continuous development of features. 🥇


This time, Replug announces Zapier Integration. An integration that connects Replug users with more than 3000+ applications. Zapier allows easy automation for busy people. It allows you to move your information between applications.

Replug adds the essence of link creation and updating with the help of Zapier's Zaps. Zaps allow you to automate the flow between Replug and other applications. 😇

🏹 Replug Triggers

A trigger in the Zapier allows you to detect changes in the Replug Application. There are a couple of triggers that Replug allows.

  1. New Link is Created in the Replug
  2. New Campaign is Created in the Replug
  3. New Brand is Created in the Replug

Triggers allow you to float this newly created data in subsequent applications.

✅ Replug Actions

Action in the Zapier allows you to perform something based on the output of a trigger. Actions allowed by Replug are as followed.

  1. Create or Update a Replug Link
  2. Create a Campaign
  3. Create a Brand

Actions help you in the creation or collection of data without any intervention.

🔥 Enjoy Zapier Integration and automate your workflows. It's time to boost your link management. Popular apps of integration include Google Sheets, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, Slack, WordPress, Google Drive, Mailchimp, and many more.

We look forward to your valuable feedback. 🤝

Click Here to learn how to connect Zapier with your Replug account.